PULISHED 04-2024, LAST UPDATE 06-2024

We believe that, for technologists in the banking and finance domain, a good understanding of basic finance topics is a significant and invaluable boost. Therefore, aim of the Academy is to help bridge the gap for those experts in the IT domain that are yet to come up to speed with the functional side. From TECHIE to FUNKY.


The compiled information under >DIVERSE TOPICS and >INSTRUMENTS has its origin in own views and opinions, and in the sources mentioned further below.


The Academy does not offer a course. It offers text, that is best to be regarded as (an incomplete) roadmap and work-in-progress, provided with best intentions to help out. We acknowledge that we may not always have achieved this ideal.


It is important for us to reiterate that the Academy is not meant to be a detailed, or even complete, reference to each of the individual topics that are covered. Details and expert insight is available via the sources mentioned in the reference table further below.


With this said, it is debatable whether the term Academy is best suited for this section. For this online format, we like the term and prefer it over, for example, Glossary. So, Academy it is.


Learn, and improve, always!


As mentioned, you are at a place that is work-in-progress. Content, structure, and everything else here is likely to change over time, hopefully, to the better. Yes, releasing work-in-progress may seem confusing. Yet, regarding it as a well-meant sneak preview, conveys our enthusiasm in starting with the Academy.


Comments, corrections, and suggestions are always welcome. Please, use the >CONTACT form.


Thank you




[1] Financial Engineering, Lawrence Galitz
[2] The Concepts and Practice of Mathematical Finance, Mark Joshi
[3] Principles of Financial Engineering, Salih Nur Neftci
[4] Risk Management and Financial Institutions, second edition, John C. Hull
[5], Christian Fries