MANTAM is a consulting firm and software house that helps the industries streamline IT systems and business processes.

Industries make the world go round and, ultimately,  IT systems enable strategies for their operations and growth. We enable IT.

More than ever, it is all about the extent of automation that can be achieved via an implementation or integration project. This can be observed across all industries and has been important in the past as well, but has become the prominent dimension and measure.


Advances in technology allow for more sophisticated algorithms and business processes which in turn have led to a different definition of profitability and success; one in which human capital is appreciated for a distinct set of processes only: those that can not or shall not be automated. Intelligent systems and interfaces must take over the other processes.


Consequently, IT infrastructure and system landscapes undergo changes, as do business processes, in order to collectively make higher levels of automation possible.


We help our clients in this space with consulting and software services.


MANTAM, IT works for you.