EASYFLEX for Murex™ Flex API

We are a company with proven expertise in dealing with the Flex API and guarantee our effective engagement in a mode and depth as per our clients' requirements and project suitability.


We provide consulting and implementation services for the Flex API either via conventional Flex API programming or via EASYFLEX.


EASYFLEX is a software framework and toolkit for the Murex Flex API. It is a reliable, extensible framework, initially designed and implemented for the Rates API, extended to the FX API in Q1 2018.


Our solution aims at the ideal of being an abstraction layer, nevertheless with no limitation to conventional use and deployment. It has built-in and ready-to-use features.

  • EASYFLEX allows the implementation team to focus on business logic and the task at hand [ . . . ]
  • By design, along with out-of-the-box features, EASYFLEX renders a lean code structure [ . . . ]