EASYFLEX for Murex™ Flex API










A programmer will, over time, get to know the API and relationships between the objects used therein, but this will take time. For an average developer new to the Flex API, getting the first very basic test library to work is not a day's task.

As an  EXAMPLE , successfully registering at least one external model and one external instrument, even without further backing code, is not trivial.

Adding substantial code behind a model / instrument makes the big picture complicated.

Multiplying this can make maintenance a nightmare.

Dealing with the  EVENTS , that is writing the code to react to them and potentially delegate to other code, is not trivial.


  • For STREAM and FX API: rates, credit, commodities and foreign exchange
  • Ready-to-go design and core for optimal code maintenance in client domain (especially critical when number of models / instruments increases)
  • To stay with the  EXAMPLE , it is a matter of configuration
  • Model-to-instrument associations, definition of external sensitivities, interrogating command line arguments and a series of other features are also simply a matter of configuration
  • EASYFLEX handles some of the  EVENTS  natively
  • Native support for grid computing via the synchronous parallel processing mode
  • Start development and see results immediately
  • Client domain code can utilize built-in logging, XML parser and data dictionary (the latter is essential for interfacing with other libraries and systems)
  • Time-to-market for integration significantly reduced, measured in weeks (and sometimes days) instead of months1
  • Just C++ and STL, no third-party dependencies2
  • Lean operational design
  • Run-time efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • EASYFLEX is entirely a MANTAM proprietary development
  • Work in progress, planned developments: support for VOL API, CURVES API, Linux
  • OS: Unix (SunOS); Linux and Windows (test of recent versions on demand)3

1  Some Murex clients have spent years stabilizing their implementation and still face drawbacks of unsuitable design and poor maintainability.


2  Note that (i) EASYFLEX can only work with a valid Murex Flex API license that allows the Murex client to code against the Flex API, and (ii) EASYFLEX "does not imply or replace" such a valid license.


3  First versions were tested on Unix and Windows; now focus is on Unix; Linux will follow; Windows on demand.