From a systems perspective we work a lot with MX.3, the solution framework of Murex S.A.S. (Murex), and have participated with Murex in internal and client projects. We have also independently worked with many financial institutions that run Murex software.

Our business and functional expertise is in front, middle and back office, across almost all asset classes, both money and capital markets.

Given our broad IT know-how, our Murex IT expertise is limitless, ranging from all interfacing and development topics to system setup, administration and 24/7 support.

One of the niche topics in the Murex market has always been external instruments and models. One approach to this is the Murex Flex API. We are a company with proven expertise in dealing with it and provide consulting and implementation services either via conventional Flex API programming or via EASYFLEX, our software product for the Flex API.